Date: 17th June 2016
Vertical Dryer
Brief introduction of vertical dryerVertical dryer is a kind of drying equipment to process different type?s briquettes,Website:http://www.zhengkemachine.com, such as coal briquette, mineral powder briquette, iron powder briquette, fluorite powder, mill scale briquettes, etc. It is an important equipment of the briquette production line to reduce the moisture content of briquettes. Vertical dryer has features with low investment, small covering area, high drying efficiency and simple operation, easy maintenance. Materials that are processed by vertical dryer are easy to transport. Vertical dryer is energy-saving and environment-protecting equipment that not only improves the utilization of waste, reduces environment pollution, but also creates a good economic benefit and social benefit.Now vertical dryer has been used widely both in China and abroad. Vertical dryer which is important equipment in the briquette production line, is mainly used to dry coal briquette, mineral powder briquette, iron powder briquette, gypsum briquette, mill scale briquette, fluorite powder briquette, etc. Moisture content after drying could reach 8% below (moisture content is adjustable by the control system). For example, Shandong Laiwu steel work use it to dry mill scale briquette, Shanxi Guangda Coking group use it to dry coal briquette, Oman Sohar steel work use it to dry iron powder briquette. Vertical dryer has a wide application.Vertical dryer manufactured by Zhengke has passed the inspection of Henan Quality Supervision Bureau, ISO9001 international quality management system certification, Europe CE certificate standard, Russian GOST certificate etc. Meanwhile, we had applied many patents of vertical dryer to State Patent Office and were well-known in drying equipment industry.Features of Zhengke Vertical dryer?1. High drying efficiency, good drying effect. Vertical dryer is continuously working drying equipment. Used "feeding at one end and discharging at the other" method for drying materials, vertical dryer has high drying efficiency. We could control and adjust the final moisture content to client request.2. Energy-saving, environment-protecting, no pollution, no noise. Zhengke vertical dryer could dry coal briquette, mineral powder briquette, gypsum briquette, then reuse them. This improves the resource utilization and reduces dust pollution. Due to the special design of mechanical structure and electricity control, vertical dryer works at a low power. Also, vertical dryer is equipped with multistage dust collecting equipment to meet the national standard of environment protection. Reduce the environmental pollution from equipment; it is a kind of good energy conservation and environmental protection equipment. Our vertical dryer adopts enclosed structure, no air pollution and noise pollution will be happened during drying process.3. Wide application range, low request for the working environment. Zhengke vertical dryer is applicable for every country in the world. We could make some adjustment according the different situation in different countries, such as voltage, engineering design requirement, geographical conditions, etc. As to the working environment, Zhengke vertical dryer could work normally in severe cold, high temperature, plateau, etc.4. Simple installation. In the running, no vibration happens. It is also convenient to transfer and transport the equipment.5. Few workers, simple operation, easy maintenance. To client request, Zhengke could provide semi-automation and total automation production line. Only regular maintenance to the instruction is needed. It is very convenient to maintain.6. High safety. The transmission parts all adopt enclosed or semi-enclosed design to the equipment standard of security, such as transmission shaft, motor, belt pulley, etc. This ensures the safety of equipment and workers.Main technical parameter?ModelCapacity (t/h)Power (kw)ZKVD-18003-622ZKVD -28008-1030ZKVD -300012-1530ZKVD -320015-2037Vertical dryer Process flowchart1?Raw Material2?Rated Silo3?Conveyor4?Frame5?Inlet6?Screw Forcing Feeding Device7?Reducer8?Motor9?Base10?High pressure Dry powder Briquetting Machine11?Finished products12?Discharging Conveyor13?Conveyor
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